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me moving to a next step -doing menswear.

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mister Luke Worrall

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mister Jakob Hybholt


‘ Khon' is the most famous ancient dramatic performance of Thailand which is a combination of traditional dancing and acting that most performers are mainly males. Khon is performed by troupes of non-speaking dancers, while the story being told by a chorus at the side of the stage. And to performs this performance, almost all of the performers have to wear a mask that will characterize what they are representing on the plays

Also the other important factor that makes Khon exceptional unique is the postures and choreography. All the dancing routines which always follow traditional models rather than attempting to innovate are remarkably outstanding, including the standing positions and movements of performers as well. The basis stance of Khon is to stand upright with perpendicular arms and legs, and stay keep tramping footsteps in the same position, which suspected that it has been prototyped by the prehistory wall paintings in Cambodia and Thailand.

I interpret all the information to a menswear collection which their patterns are an interpretation of the way Khon’s performer moves and dances, developed and twisted into forms of men’s clothing. Along with some details of Khon’s mask, interpreted and combined to some parts of garment, also developing its own traditional costumess into new modification clothing ; either pattern, details, or embellish and embroideries.

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