party preparation.

let's have a fashion-ing party
- this September -
dresscode -Fashion Week
do stricted to the dresscode!
for more information, keep following http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110012577527

modelling photoshots

someone (i mean someone i haven't known before!) call me to borrow some pieces of my thesis collection for a photoshoot for some modelling
this is a first set from model Kai Braden and also still 3 or 4 more to come


SAHAgroup, the show

the show's pics came finally
but instead of great contestants' alphabetical photos, on the other hand it contains tons of LQ pictures which lots outfit were missing!
and these are all i got from them





and the pre-photoshots for advertisement


'10 stylish men's summer

menswear parade this summer is such a flattered to me
tons of impressive and spectacular looks
may be this means it's time for us guys to get some more creative dressed up


MC Hammer is back!
with Balenciaga!

Giuliano Fujiwara

one of my currently favourite menswear
the belts detail look interesting

Yves Saint Laurent

layering winter in summer!


do show legs and wear trench in the same time


blue flower paints look fresh on white coat

Maison Martin Margiela

why don't you put some flower or brooch on your traditional burberry trench?

Tim Hamilton

LOVE this look, esp. the printed tights, kewl


now we know how chiffon will look on a man

Raf Simons

now belts will not just only be on the waist anymore
cool, impressive, and unique as always, mr.Simons


my favourite and favourite brand
was just only womenswear, and now menswear

Comme Des Garcons
the-whatever-hang from the blazer look so cute and kitche
so CDG
these brands below are those i (personally) haven't heard or keen of their names before
but what i do know is i will remember them from now on!

one of the outstanding look of this show
simply, but remarkable

draping! draping!
and i am craving for that jacket!

Juun J.

i, do, LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this collection!
my favourite collection of this season which contains lots of impressive looks
i am so craving for many items and so does that open-toes laced-up sneakers
, which seems like it will be a hit for this season