finally a finalist

after sent tons of my hard-to-absorbed(lol) sketches to many fashion contests
finally i got a (second) chance to be a real finalist this time
it is SAHA group Young Designers Contest 2009
and of course, the main theme is all about Thai unlimited -sth

boring -i know..

the show will occur in 25 June at Queen Sirikit Hall.


the MET gala 2009, of course.

if acting societies has their Oscars,
when it comes to us fashion people (and victims!), the MET Costume Institute Gala seems to be that one.

as in every years, there will always be tons of -what i called, fabulous-fights (with half-stairs poses, of course)

but in this year of 2009, according to almost every fashion-follower bloggers ive read, is a fight between actresses and models

oh, designers are not include in this league, Marc.

and here are some of my impressive and eye-spotted looks on that night,

Kate Moss in, obviously, Marc Jacobs
to begin with one of many hosts in that night, althought there's a lot of criticism about this strangely-chic dress with a turban on Moss's head, i have to admit that this seems interesting and new to me (where only a girl name Kate with Moss can do it without any fined.)

Molly Sims in Dolce&Gabbana
not so many people who can wear a total look -straight from runway, and yet still making it looks more fabulous. The Legs is obviously-as you can see from the picture-the one who can always do that.

Sasha Pivovarova in Giambatista Valli

the ex-prada famous face took a risk by wearing this extremely maximal look that only a models can do, and it really paids off!

Heidi Klum in Giles Mendel
mrs. Project Runway is always, i mean, always looks couture, even under a pregnancy!
Coco Rocha in Isaac Mizrahi

this dress is actually nothing special, but its Coco who made it such a glorious. matches with her hair colour, fair skintoned, and her personality. also the draping lines look so fine and demur.

Claire Danes in Armani Prive

i know that this dress made her look like a fifty-something, but you cannot deny that she looks so stunning.


Daria Werbovy, Anja Rubik, and Dr. Lisa Airan all together in Balmain
have i mentioned that Balmain this collection is one of my favourite collections those season? it really truthfully is fabulous, and also got tons of extreme poppularities which made a big-and-broad shoulders a new and hottest(and being copied most) in this seanson, after a bias one-shoulder silhouette has faded down.
btw, even though Werbovy and Rubik both pulled their outfits off perfectly, but the winner in this group goes to Dr.Airan!
fierce fierce fierce. three times
(wish every doctors know how to be stylish and dress like this)

Lake Bell in Rag&Bone and Rihanna in D&G
an Elbaz look-a-like? its not a good idea to dress like this on a red carpet where a lot of beautifuls attempt to put their lives in a less-2-size couture dresses to be as much gorgeous as they can be, its a red carped, not a wedding ceremony, they dont need a groom.
however, i think theres some parts of Rihanna's look that catch my interests, but i still do not like it anyway.

Jessica Biel in Atelier Versace and Lou Dillon in Nina Ricci
same silhouette, same colour shade, similar or precisely same fabrics, but why ms. Dillon's look is way more gorgeous than ms.(trying to be mrs.) Biel?
red Nina Ricci on stylish Lou Dillon is such a perfect match, one of my favourite best looks that night.
and please, give me a break to a look of JT

Ashley Olsen in The Row and Mary-Kate Olsen in Christian Lacroix
the twins absolutely let me down in this big night of what they are always best at. althought Ash looks so simple and chic, but that dress looks like too big for her, and my dear MK, who have done this to you? has your mom lent you her finale costume when she was a cheap-soap musical actress fifty years ago or something?
love/hate circumstances;

Kirsten Dunst in Chanel Haute Couture
seems like MJ wants to be a twins with MK more than Ash, thats why she dressed like hers. this dress looks so theatrical and plus it made her bust line looks weirdly low! but on the other hand, after spent more times looking, and made my mind opened, this dress has a sense of a fairytail-ish and its actually cute in some way.

Blake Lively in Versace
this is a hate it or love it look.if my taste or style still be like 4 years ago, i would deadly love this dress, but it is 2009 now, and Serena looks like some kind of expensive prostitudes. at least, she looks gorgeous that night
-um, just from the neck and above, dress and breasts exclude.

Anna Wintour in Chanel
the must to look and talked about. this dress is weird, is chic, but stills weird
its Wintour.
best dresses;

Shalom Harlow in Bob Mackie
not much people can handle this exceptional dress, but Shalom is that one, perfectly
Nadja Euermann in Lanvin
how to spell stunning? its N-A-D-J-A W-E-A-R-S L-A-N-V-I-N
ps. isnt it against the fashion laws that wearing a past two seasons of 2008 famous dress in the fashion night of 2009?? sounds like a crime.

Catherine McNeil in Roland Mouret
i have no idea who this woman is, but she definitely got styles! RM rocks!
Claudia Schiffer in Atelier Versace
this dress and this one who wearing it are both defined what a modern couture should means.

Alek Wek in Emanuel Ungaro and Kate Bosworth in Stella McCartney
these two are my favourite looks of the night.
Alek is back! gloriously! just look how that fucshia plays with her skintones, undescribable
and Bosworth is always worth waiting, gorgeous, seductive, classy, and classics


Dear Madonna, Kerry Washington, and Leighton Meester
there is a very thin line between 'outstanding' and 'being a clown'.
my advice is, not to listen when Marc tells you to wear any Louis Vuitton total look to any red carpet, ever, again
ps. pls also pass this note to Andre Leon Talley for me, xoxo

dress destroyer;

Tory Birch in Nina Ricci
do not get me wrong, i LOVE this dress, but somehow it is only made for models on the runway or a TALL person, so please do not ruin your life or any dresses in this world by thinking that you can look as beautiful as a models did on the runway.